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Pricing News Daily > 8/20/14

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Today’s Headlines

Psychological Pricing | Boundless

Psychological pricing is a marketing practice based on the theory that certain prices have meaning to many buyers. KEY POINTS Products and services frequently have customary prices in the minds of consumers. A customary price is one that customers identify with particular items. Odd prices appear to represent bargains or savings and therefore encourage buying. […]

Uber dynamic pricing could make it very expensive to get to Paul McCartney’s concert | abc7news.com

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Sir Paul McCartney takes the stage at Candlestick Park Thursday night for stadium’s final act. For those trying to get there, the evening could get pretty pricey if you’re booking a ride to or from the show with an on-demand car service like Uber. “I’m under the impression that it’s supposed […]

Why textbooks cost so much | The Economist

STUDENTS can learn a lot about economics when they buy Greg Mankiw’s “Principles of Economics”—even if they don’t read it. Like many popular textbooks, it is horribly expensive: $292.17 on Amazon. Indeed, the nominal price of textbooks has risen more than fifteenfold since 1970, three times the rate of inflation (see chart). Like doctors prescribing drugs, professors […]

Pricer’s Points: Using decoy pricing to maximise profits. | Matt Burnett

Use decoy pricing to encourage your customers to trade up. The main objective of any pricing manager is maximising revenue and profitability. It’s not easy and is in fact an endless task. One way we can try to achieve this is through trade up. If we can encourage our customers to buy our most highly […]

Discussion: Coca Cola Ties Pricing to Temperature

Supermarket News Article Coca-Cola wanted to create a compelling value proposition during the summer season in a unique way, Efrain Rosario, Coca-Cola’s director of global customer and commercial leadership, said in a symposium yesterday at the Shopper Marketing Expo. The result: Custom vending machines at theme parks that automatically charged three different prices based on […]

JAMF may have just kicked off a price war in mobile management | CITEworld

Here comes the price war These features address the complexity and user adoption pieces of the puzzle, so what about cost? In fact, the biggest news is that JAMF has priced its cloud-based BYOD management features using a simple yearly subscription of $1,000. The company still charges per device for on-premises deployments and to manage […]

Uninor bets on pricing plan to increase subscriber base | Economic Times

PRICING CARD Uninor has been quite successful so far in what it does, and its commitment towards India was underlined when Telenor applied to the government to increase its stake in the Indian unit to 100%. Within three years of launching full operations, it posted an operating profit in all the six circles in 2013. […]

Car hire prices ‘unfairly vary’ across EU | BBC News

Drivers are being charged different prices online for the same car rental based on where they live in Europe, the European Commission has said. Charges vary for some motorists, even if they are picking up the same vehicle from the same location and from the same hire company. The Commission said that price discrimination based […]

American Apparel – stop shock ads & focus on price and product | EDITD

1. Price positioning A key issue is American Apparel’s price positioning. The retailer’s entry and exit prices ($2-200) shown in the price architecture chart, aligns them with H&M and Uniqlo and positions them in the fast-fashion, low-cost and mass appeal realms. However, drill down further into their pricing with options charts (which display the number of products […]

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Are You Asking Customers to Buy or Invest? | The Sales Hunter

How do your customers define “best price” or “lowest price?” I was conducting a training session for a major company on how to sell at a higher price, and one of the first questions I was asked was how to deal with a customer who was only concerned about price. One salesperson asked me the […]

The Drink Exchange – Bar Dynamic Pricing | YB & ASSOC

The Drink Exchange brings a new perspective and pricing strategy to the market, the dynamic pricing model, used already by leading businesses within the hospitality, travel, entertainment and retail industry, is now accessible for bars. Bars owners remain constantly competitive by changing prices based on current demands and other factors, altogether supported by algorithms – […]

The Amazing Power of Deflationary Economics for Startups | Mark Suster

In the simplest form, new startups have a product that is INFERIOR to that offered by the competition but at a dramatically lower price with the seller opting for a very thin margin on their product. Initially their only customers are people who can get by on the reduced functionality or perhaps don’t have the […]

This Week in Pricing > 8/16/14

TWIP is a recap of the week’s best pricing focused news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership, industry news and events, and resources for pricing professionals. This Edition is Sponsored by: Asia Pricing Professionals Asia Pricing Professionals (APP) is a not-for-profit community of pricing management practitioners. Our key objective is to raise the profile of pricing […]

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