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Currently, PPS produces three major annual pricing conferences in Europe and North America. Each conference also houses a technology hall where sponsors display the latest in Pricing Solutions software. PPS also offers more than two dozen, full-day training workshops every year, taught by leaders in the pricing community. These workshops serve as the foundation for PPS’s Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation, our state of the art pricing certification program. Candidates may be certified after mastering a multi-stage curriculum followed by rigorous testing. Successful CPPs have acquired the core knowledge which not only places them in the top rungs of the pricing field, but also gives them the tools to enhance substantially their own careers.

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Cab operators cash in on commuters’ misery | The Tribune India

Cab operators cash in on commuters’ misery | The Tribune India

To add to the misery of office-goers, ‘surge’ on taxi aggregators such as Ola and Uber had risen exponentially by a multiple of 3. For a distance of about 10 km, the cabs were charging an exorbitant rate of Rs 350-Rs 370 for the low-cost UberGo and Ola Mini categories in the morning. The fares […]


iflix Launches Direct Carrier Billing with Fortumo | Business Wire

iflix Launches Direct Carrier Billing with Fortumo | Business Wire

iflix has leveraged Fortumo’s Payments API to expand its payment reach across its Asian markets, allowing iflix to roll out direct carrier billing for multiple mobile operators at once utilising Fortumo’s pre-existing integrations with the carriers. iflix can simultaneously use advanced features of direct carrier billing such as free trials dynamic pricing with a fully […]


How Cars Help Fuel Municipal Budgets | Government Technology

How Cars Help Fuel Municipal Budgets | Government Technology

Tech companies have found several ways to help local governments in this space. Many companies focused on digital payments provide tools for governments to accept parking ticket payments and other fees online, leading to faster payments. Others have created smart parking meters and companion phone apps that allow people to pay for parking more easily […]


Cincinnati Parking Meters Rates Go Up Next Month | WVXU

Cincinnati Parking Meters Rates Go Up Next Month | WVXU

Meter rates will increase from 50 cents to 75 cents per hour in the following neighborhood commercial districts: Clifton, Corryville, The Heights, CUF, East Walnut Hills, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Northside, Oakley, College Hill, O’Bryonville, Pleasant Ridge and Walnut Hills. Rates will remain at 50 cents an hour in the following neighborhoods: Avondale, Camp Washington, […]


When Oil, Gas Portfolio Optimization Goes Too Far | Exploration & Production

When Oil, Gas Portfolio Optimization Goes Too Far | Exploration & Production

A key expected strategy for surviving in a “lower-for-longer” price environment is portfolio optimization, shedding assets that do not fit a specific geographic strength, technical capability or risk profile. During the recent downturn, many oil companies migrated from cost reduction to portfolio rationalization. Several companies even optimized to the point of a single-basin focus, consolidating […]


Whole Foods Prices Will Drop Significantly After Amazon Deal | Eater

Whole Foods is about to lose its “Whole Paycheck” image thanks to one of this year’s biggest business deals: On June 16, Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. This week, Whole Foods shareholders voted to approve Amazon’s purchase price, the Federal Trade Commission confirmed it won’t block the deal, and the […]


Orica warns rising gas prices hitting profits and jobs | Herald Sun

Orica warns rising gas prices hitting profits and jobs | Herald Sun

HOUSEHOLDS PAYING INFLATED ELECTRICITY AND GAS PRICES Joining the ranks of manufacturing industry leaders to call for immediate action on surging prices, Mt Calderon on Thursday said the nation’s gas market was “at a crisis point”. Orica was in the “bizarre” situation where it could make more money converting imported ammonia into gas to sell […]


Rent-A-Center (RCII) Strategic Plans Bode Well for the Stock |

Rent-A-Center (RCII) Strategic Plans Bode Well for the Stock |

Management has undertaken initiatives to strengthen the performance of its Core U.S. segment. The company expects to reap benefits from its Flexible Labor and Sourcing & Distribution endeavors. Moreover, management has been gradually making a shift in its pricing strategy at the Core U.S. unit – from a cost-based pricing technique to a data-driven, market-responsive […]




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Certification: Certified Pricing Professional (CPP)

Certification: Certified Pricing Professional (CPP)

The Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation is the standard for advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of Pricing. Since 2003, over 900 individuals have taken courses in pricing through Professional Pricing Society and pass their exam to earn the CPP designation. The CPP indicates knowledge and skill in pricing across industries. We also offer the industry standard professional pricing certification via and live Workshops hosted during our conferences around the world. We can help you develop a personal pricing education roadmap to give you the exact tools your need based on your industry and professional background.


Conference: 28th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference | PPS

Conference: 28th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference | PPS

Date: October 24-27, 2017

Location: Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, California

Hear from our President, Kevin Mitchell, give insight on the conferences we offer.  Please make plans to join us and well over 500 of your peers for the best event anywhere as we discuss Data, Change Management and the Profit Landscape. Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Discount (Buy 2 Get 1 Free). It expires September 15th!


  • 12 Certified Pricing Professional Workshops
  • 4 Breakout Tracks
  • Over 40 Speakers
  • 2 Full Conference Days
  • Over 100 Hours of Networking



Conference: Digital Pricing Summit | IQPC

Pricing transformation through digital disruption.


  • Understand how digitalisation and online services are changing the future of commerce
  • Develop superior pricing strategies in the highly competitive B2C space
  • Explore how digital transformation and ecommerce are interdependent in the B2B context
  • Value creation, communication, managing partners and channel conflict
  • Leverage margin enhancement in digital subscriptions and leveraging digital payment platforms
  • Identify revenue management and commercial strategies for pricing excellence
  • Learn about setting up ecommerce platforms, subscriptions, data analytics and applications for pricing excellence.

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