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Pricing News Daily > 8/8/14

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Whether you’re in sales, marketing, product management or a pricing professional, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest practices and research in B2B pricing—and get fresh perspectives and ideas that can help make your business (and career) more profitable.


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Today’s Headlines

When Setting Prices, Set It and Forget It Should Be Outlawed | Inc.com

“A lot of the sellers are using one or another form of repricing, basically a software that scans the Amazon marketplace to see if they are seling at the lowest price, and if not they will automatically update the price for you,” says Andy Kim, founder and owner of Sunnyvale Wheels, and online retailer of […]

How a manufacturer gets a better grasp on retail pricing | Internet Retailer

The privately held company has spent decades building up its brand of multipurpose pocket tools and establishing strong selling relationships with well-known retailers like L.L. Bean Inc. and Dick’s Sporting Goods. But a few years ago it got a wake-up call: “We realized we didn’t have control over how our brand was being positioned,” says […]

Whole Foods Market – Victim of success | The Economist

The problem is that at Whole Foods, shoppers have been paying way over the cost of regular produce, and its success in getting them to do so has now attracted a lot of competitors, from rival organics chains like Sprouts and Trader Joe’s to mass-market retailers like Walmart and Costco. As a result, the price […]

Pricer’s Points: A is for Attribute-based pricing | Ben Blaney

In attributes-based pricing, we’re trying to key in on essential pieces of meta-data – attributes – that will tell us something about the customer, the product, the geography, or the deal (or a whole bunch of other things) to help us price correctly. (you’ll notice I said “correctly”, not “ludicrously high”) First, let’s think about […]

Webcast: Learn How Strategic Pricing Tools Can Help You Improve Sales Reps’ Confidence in Prices | SPA

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 2:00 PM Eastern Register to attend our webcast that starts at 2:00 PM EST where SPA Client Livingston & Haven will share their journey to pricing excellence and how they are leveraging science-based strategic pricing tools to increase prices and margins without losing sales. Bob Decker, Vice-President of Product & Technology, […]

Webcast: 3rd Annual Pricing Conference | Asia Pricing Professionals

When: August 11-12, 2014 Where: Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asia Pricing Professionals (APP) was established in 2011 by a few pricing practitioners. Since then a huge number of companies in Asia has started focusing on pricing and today it is a well known profession, just as marketing and sales. APP has grown as well and developed […]

Collapse Of T-Mobile-Sprint Deal Could Spark A Price War | Business Insider

“We are talking about billions of dollars of capital spending in front of this company before the network is ready,” MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett said, noting that Sprint likely has to cut prices to compete with the industry’s top players. “Unfortunately raising capital spending and cutting prices at same time is recipe for a very […]

Yield Management & Skiing – the Future of Resort Ticket Pricing…and Skier Commitment | SlopeFillers

Fortunately, every ski area offers a truly unique value and therefore can price its products accordingly (as opposed to a Sheraton across the street from a Hilton in a competitive metro market). Value/Value Plus/Flexible allow resorts automated appropriate price options for different customer segments with different trip identities. This means resorts are most likely to […]

Electronic Arts testing new pricing model for XBox One gamers | The Fields of Green

The service, called EA Access, allows Xbox One gamers to play FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 with more titles to be added in the future. Subscriptions are priced at $4.99 monthly or $29.99 annually. By comparison, those four titles would cost approximately $100 purchased individually. EA has entered into a number […]

Trade Me Property changes its pricing model – again | The National Business Review

On the face of it, the new pricing structure is a significant win for the real estate industry as it re-establishes the subscription model, while at the same time offering a scaled per-listing fee and a regionalisation of pricing. The real estate industry mobilised when the new pricing model was announced last November, with reactions ranging from […]

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Discussion: So can we talk about the pricing strategy for the Surface Pro 3?

Eye on Windows Article NO KEYBOARD BUNDLED? REALLY? At those prices above, the devices don’t even come with a keyboard bundled. THAT. IS. CRAZY. No more needs to be said there. I see this so clearly but bloggers tend to have blind spots so I thought it might be fun to take some time and […]

RetailWire Discussion – The price is right (right?) | RetailWire

“It’s almost like a drug,” says study author and managing partner Paula Rosenblum. Retailers need a sales boost, so they run a promo. Citing a race to the bottom that can only have one winner, Ms. Rosenblum writes, “Sooner or later, the industry must shift to fewer, more strategic price changes.” The vehicle driving that […]

Four Realities of Value-Based Pricing | MindShare Consulting

That contractor’s price was based on results, not time applied to the project. He made good on his promises, and it was worth every penny. Pricing on results, or the value of results, makes sense for consultants too. Why shouldn’t clients pay you for what you help them achieve, rather than the number of hours […]

Tiered value-based pricing | Teehan+Lax

A tiered model for value-based pricing A tiered model lays out multiple options at different price points and empowers purchasers to make better, more informed decisions that feel less arbitrary. I wish I had a simpler name for it, because it really is a very standard and straight-forward way to price things out. … Measured […]

This Week in Pricing > 8/2/14

TWIP is a recap of the week’s top pricing strategy in the news and resources for pricing professionals. We also publish a daily digest of top pricing news, strategy expert and technology leader’s thought leadership and industry news and events. This Edition is Sponsored by: The PricingBrew Journal Whether you’re in sales, marketing, product management […]

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