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Pricing Practitioners: Are you winning the data intelligence game? | Pricing Matters

PPS Fall Session to Showcase Intelligent Data-Driven Pricing Strategies
Today, commercial pricing success demands new ways of managing data. Pricing organizations are tasked with managing increasingly large and complex data sets coming from diverse sources that change rapidly. As a result, there is a failure to operationalize pricing strategy over a long-term horizon. Pricing organizations can no longer rely on spreadsheets, custom software tools, and empirical observation to properly manage the complexity and challenges on the road to creating sustained success.

The good news is advancements in pricing software solutions can empower pricing organizations with new ways of exploiting their data to unlock substantial value. Powered by machine learning algorithms and AI, pricing software enables pricing practitioners to systematically apply their empirical observations and expertise to an increasingly granular and rapidly changing data set. This facilitates optimal pricing changes in real-time, and evolution as markets and customer preferences change.

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