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Pricing Roles in the Legal Profession 2018 | Totum Partners

The pricing function is still fairly new in the legal sector, but its fast development as a standalone discipline is a particularly notable shift of recent times. While law firm management teams may be aware of the rise of pricing teams, it is more of a challenge to understand exactly how pricing departments have developed so far and what team structure and recruits make for the best firm-wide pricing capabilities.That is why we are now publishing this Pricing Roles in the Legal Profession 2018 (to obtain a copy see details below), which takes our front-line experience placing pricing specialists and building pricing teams, to explore:

  • The kinds of candidates who make the best pricing specialists
  • Chief responsibilities and purposes of pricing roles at different levels of seniority
  • The structure and make up of pricing teams in variously sized firms
  • How such pricing functions should sit and operate within the broader legal organisation

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Pricing Roles in the Legal Profession 2018 | Totum Partners.

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