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Q&A: Troy Blackwell, AutoNation USA | Houston Chronicle

Q: Why did you pick Houston as one of the first locations to launch AutoNation USA?

A: Houston was a great market to come to, especially for used cars. The customers’ profile, typically on credit, (show) that they’re often looking to buy a 1-, 2- or 3-year-old car. The volume, the gas prices in this market, the cost of living, and the size of the city … contributed to our decision.

Q: Why did AutoNation decide to roll out the one-price strategy across its dealership chain?

A: Customers don’t like the experience of haggling back and forth. We were close already to having one price, to be honest with you. We’ve had market pricing in place for a number of years. It was a very easy transition. It wasn’t a very heavy lift to say all of a sudden we don’t negotiate or haggle. We committed as a company to go to the standard one price.

via Q&A: Troy Blackwell, AutoNation USA – Houston Chronicle.

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