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2) “We have been deliberating on a dynamic pricing policy. So far we have been discussing that the price should not go up but I want to go a step ahead. I am exploring a possibility where, suppose trains are not going full like in airlines, we get discounted fares,” he said.

3) Mr Goyal spoke on Saturday after a day-long conclave of senior officials in New Delhi. The six-member committee, set up on December 11, has been mandated to recommend ways to offer a more lucrative scheme that may include loyalty and other benefits to passengers.

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4) “We will use (Ashwani) Lohani’s expertise…like there is dynamic pricing in hotels. First the prices are low…then the prices go high and then later you get discounts on the remaining rooms through bookmyhotel or other websites,” he said. Mr Lohani is the current Chairman of the Indian Railway Board.

5) The board has also asked the six-member committee to consider modifications or amendments to the flexi-fare system to offer passengers flexibility of rates during peak/lean seasons or during weekdays, weekends or festivals.

6) Under the existing dynamic pricing, launched in September 2016, fares of premium trains go up to 50 per cent. In some cases, it becomes costiler to travel in Rajdhani trains than in an airline. The railways has lost many customers due to this.

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Railways may offer discounts like airlines, hotels: All you need to know.