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Red Dead Online players want Rockstar to change the game’s economy | Polygon

Others feel the pricing for in-game items is simply inconsistent and out of whack. “A gold wedding ring sells for $1.15,” a player said in another popular Reddit thread. “A can of baked beans costs $1.50.” This has led to jokes that shopkeepers are sitting on stacks of gold bars based on the high price of beans.

Then there are some players who seem perfectly fine with how Rockstar is handling Red Dead Online’s economy, and that as long as real-money microtransactions don’t interfere with the game’s balance, it’s too early to complain.

“So many people jumping the gun without the facts,” a member of the GTA Forums wrote. “They play one game and lose and get $1 and base the whole experience off that. […] At rank 12 and got like $300, bought upgrades for my horse, bought 2 abilities, bought a couple of hats, bought 2 jackets and I still have a heap of cash. As long as [microtransactions] play a purely cosmetic role then I’m not bothered. As soon as it turns [pay to win] though I’m out.

“Everyone’s crying wolf before the wolf has even come. Play the game and enjoy it while it’s not p2w and give your feedback to rockstar about [microtransactions]. Who cares about a blooming jacket[?]”

One other aspect of Red Dead Online’s economy is that Rockstar is clearly playing a long game here. After five successful years of Grand Theft Auto Online, the company knows that many players will stick with its games for hundreds or thousands of hours, and the online economy may balance out for those dedicated players.

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