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Reimagining Value(s)-based Pricing | Medium

Yet in the spirit of our “Breaking Bad”-culture, we’ve almost done the direct opposite of all of those things. And a big component of this, has been the way we’ve set up the pricing for Conversio.

If you consider that we operate in the “email marketing” or “marketing automation” space, we actually have many companies (some of which are massive, like Mailchimp) to whom we could have referred. The easy solution would’ve been to imitate their pricing and if anybody asked why our pricing was done in this way, we could merely point the finger.

We have instead tried to find a pricing model where we can align ourselves with our customers with great proximity. Not perfect, but we believe we’re closer than we would’ve been using another — more prevalent — pricing model.

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Reimagining Value(s)-based Pricing – Conversio – Medium.

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