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Remember MoviePass? It was just delisted | The Chestnut Post

The movie subscription service on Thursday announced a new, complicated pricing structure that is dependent on geography and the kind of movies customers want to watch.

Starting in January, MoviePass will offer three plans that members can choose from. The first, called “Select,” starts at $10 a month and will allow subscribers to see three movies each month. The company will announce available titles a week ahead of time. The plan excludes movies during their opening weekends, and limits customers to standard 2D movies.

A second level, called “All Access,” starts at $15 a month. The plan allows customers to see any three 2D movies each month at any time during their theatrical run.

The highest tier, called “Red Carpet,” starts at $20 a month. It also limits subscribers to three movies, but they can choose from films shown in special formats such as IMAX or 3D.

Not every customer will be charged the same monthly fee. MoviePass says the price for each tier will vary by “zone,” with the highest level costing as much as $25 in some markets. The company says the different prices are designed to reflect the “differences in the average ticket price” around the country.

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Remember MoviePass? It was just delisted – The Chestnut Post.