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Report: Tesla’s Solar Roof Pricing Is a Real Shocker | Breitbart

A recent quote for a Tesla solar roof installation reveals the high cost of the technology. The cost of going green with Tesla, according to one customer quote, is $85,000.

According to a customer quote obtained by Electrek, a Tesla Solar Roof could be far more expensive than many had previously expected. The company has claimed to be working on the third version of the technology which it alleges will bring costs down, but as it stands, many will find it hard to justify the current price of the solar power product.

According to the quote, a 9.45 kW system on a 1,862 square foot roof will cost $64,634 if purchased from Tesla. Added to this is a charge of $10,050 for a Powerwall energy storage system, and another $10,630 for roof and site repairs. This adds up to a total of $85,314 for the entire system.

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Report: Tesla’s Solar Roof Pricing Is a Real Shocker | Breitbart.

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