Road test: Ford Kuga – midlife crisis leads to facelift | The Irish Times

Yet the Asians have ridden roughshod over more established western brands. So why is the Hyundai Tucson Ireland’s favourite new car, while the Ford Kuga languishes down in 26th place?

Part of it is certainly down to price: when it arrived on forecourts several years ago the Kuga was uncompetitive compared to rivals. It was as if Ford had belatedly accepted it needed to play the crossover game, but never really put its heart into it.

That was driven, perhaps, by the fear there was little net sum gain for Ford as the new Kuga buyers for these cars were coming out of the lucrative family hatchback segment. It’s an approach that Volkswagen could also be accused of with its Tiguan crossover, which threatened to move customers away from the Golf.

Whatever the reason, the Kuga’s pricing strategy meant it fell off the shortlist for thousands of crossover buyers in Ireland over the years. Ford has come back to give it another go, and this time prices are starting at a far more competitive €33,345. With that you get a significantly revamped crossover.

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Road test: Ford Kuga – midlife crisis leads to facelift.