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Rules change for self-service BI subscription pricing models | TechTarget

As self-service BI tools become commonplace, look for subscription pricing models to change according to the cloud, group data usage pricing and how people share their data.

There are many self-service BI tools on the market that offer a wide variety of features and functionalities for dashboard creation and visualization.

These tools come with their own subscription pricing models, and some of them might even be free of charge. But “to evaluate which product and pricing model to select, it’s important to understand the tool’s features, security and scalability,” said Aireen Omar, deputy group CEO for digital, transformation and corporate services at AirAsia Berhad.

SaaS self-service BI tools are here to stay, and they make a lot of sense for most organizations. Reasons include security, procurement, keeping up to date with the latest patches, and the ability to quickly spin up and down a user license based on the need to make a product more attractive.

“To get the most out of these tools, look for the underpinning of your data environment to support the tool and provide adequate training for your casual and power users,” said Andrew Roman Wells, CEO of Aspirent, an Atlanta-based analytics management consulting firm, and co-author of Monetizing Your Data: A Guide to Turning Data into Profit-Driving Strategies and Solutions.

Pay as you go
Dave McCandless, vice president of IT at Navis, a shipping industry app provider based in Oakland, Calif., advocates for usage pricing instead of enrollment pricing for the company’s self-service BI tools. McCandless said he typically gives customers a license, then measures their usage to attain a better sense of cost and whether they make adjustments to his expectations and work assignments, which might be biased toward self-starters and innovators.

In addition, he recommended cheap data storage to make revamping of data retention policies easier and less expensive, as prices continue to drop.

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Rules change for self-service BI subscription pricing models.

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