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Sacramento tech team creates ‘Requested’ app for restaurant discounts | The Sacramento Bee

An ambitious smartphone app released this week promises to bring dynamic pricing to the dining industry, allowing restaurants to fill seats on slow days while giving customers the chance to negotiate discounted meals.

Called Requested, the free app for Android and iPhone is the creation of a team that includes Sonny Mayugba, co-owner of The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, who spent 12 weeks living and working in San Francisco as part of a startup incubator project.

The app allows customers to pursue discounts – often as much as 20 percent off a total bill – by contacting restaurants during slow times and offering to pay a reduced price for a meal. Called dynamic pricing, it works much like the pricing structures for hotels and airlines, which typically drop rates when demand is low.

Traditionally, the restaurant industry has clung to static pricing, meaning a meal costs the same on sleepy Mondays as it does on bustling Thursdays and Fridays. With Requested, restaurants are able to broker deals to fill tables during down times and consumers are able to make offers to multiple restaurants at once and have them compete for their dining-out dollars.

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Sacramento tech team creates ‘Requested’ app for restaurant discounts.

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