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SAP debuts consumption-based pricing model for SAP Cloud | TechTarget

SAP software users can now consume SAP Cloud Platform services by buying credits and using them as they see fit.

The new consumption-based model for SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is an alternative to the traditional subscription-based model, where you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use an SAP application, according to Dan Lahl, the company’s vice president of product marketing.

The consumption-based pricing model was announced at Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 28 to March 1.

Under the consumption-based pricing model, customers can buy cloud credits for up to 36 months. They can use the credits to buy any available SAP Cloud Platform service during that time, Lahl said.

“You get just one SKU that you can use for any Cloud Platform service,” Lahl said. “We hook it up to a tracking, metering and billing machine under the covers. You get a report every month, and it tells you the services that you used, the cloud credits that you started with and your balance.”

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SAP debuts consumption-based pricing model for SAP Cloud.