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SAS Global Forum 2018 – an initial take | diginomica

SAS doesn’t shy away from tough topics – like its champagne price model or the war for talent. In some senses this should instill confidence among customers but then plenty of questions remain.

He adds:

“The market is clearly more competitive – analytics is everywhere and digital transformation brings many challenges that analytics is able to solve. In a shift like this, there are many vendors entering the market and that’s why we have to prove ourselves – it’s just a part of being in the business.”

It is also undeniable that other options of analytics software can deliver similar functionality at a much lower price than SAS. According to the CTO, the company is not hiding away from that reality:

“You can’t talk about price without talking about value – sure, there are less expensive alternative and all customers have choices and they do their homework. I encourage them to drill in and put us to the test – we can prove our value to them and we have a lot of success in that front.”

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SAS Global Forum 2018 – an initial take.

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