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Scientific Selling: Deals That Close & Products That Sell | PROS Step Blog

Scientific segmentation is a powerful approach that can transform your marketing strategy. In fact, your marketing planning process may well be revolutionized by some of the findings you uncover from your segmentation process. With a strong marketing position and an executable marketing mix strategy, the process can proceed to the next step: scientific selling.

This is the last step of your data transformation, and it must be done with this logic in mind:  Selling excellence will not happen without a thorough segmentation process and a robust marketing planning process. Too many companies attempt to improve their level of commercial excellence without first conducting preliminary exercises on segmentation and pricing analytics.

Scientific selling is all about leveraging the power of your existing data to create fact-based selling strategies and tactics. It’s about extracting the power of your data insights to guide the actions of your commercial assets and resources. As such, it requires that you become laser-focused on critical customer segments and on data-derived sales opportunities.

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Scientific Selling: Deals That Close & Products That Sell.

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