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Scrapping Get Me In and Seatwave will ‘push up Ticketmaster prices’ and lead to ‘surge pricing’ for popular events | The Sun

SCRAPPING Get Me In and Seatwave will push up ticket prices and lead to “surge pricing” for popular events, industry insiders have claimed.

Yesterday, Ticketmaster announced it is shutting its secondary ticket selling websites because “fans are tired of seeing others snap up tickets just to resell for profit”.

It plans to launch its own face value fan-to-fan ticket exchange in the UK and Ireland by October this year.

But now experts have warned the move could push up ticket prices for fans.

In the UK, Ticketmaster has been using a dynamic pricing model – also known as surge pricing – which allows it to charge more for a “small proportion of tickets” for popular events.

It keeps back some tickets which it sells at inflated prices based on demand.

In the past it claimed the service, which has been going for ten years, offered the “best” seats.

But earlier this year, Ticketmaster was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority from claiming this after it found that they were the same or worse than those on general sale.

For example, if you want to watch Paul McCartney play at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow in December it costs from £73.80 to £141.90 for a face value ticket.

The gig is sold out of face value tickets but you can buy a Platinum ticket to the same gig for £480 each via Ticketmaster,.

That’s more than three times the original price and you’re not even in the front block, let alone row.

Experts believe that this model could be rolled out further, with more artists signing up.

Ticketmaster has also been testing out dynamic pricing models in the US.

Mark Williams, a consumer campaigner said: “This isn’t about fans. It’s a commercial decision.

“Dynamic pricing will be the new standard on Ticketmaster.

“The end result is less face value tickets, less transparency for fans and ultimately higher prices.”

An industry insider told The Sun that “prices will go up” but that “all the tickets on one site makes choice easier for consumers”.

They added: “In the end customers will be happy to pay more if the experience is better and they have no worries that the tickets may not arrive”.

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Scrapping Get Me In and Seatwave will ‘push up Ticketmaster prices’ and lead to ‘surge pricing’ for popular events.

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