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Screening scrapped for fibbing filmmaker behind ‘justice pricing’ scheme | CBC News – British Columbia

Higgins used the false name Sid Mohammed when he announced a so-called justice-pricing model to charge white men as much as $20, while others would pay $10 based on the purchasing power of individual groups and “price discrimination.”

Roberts says Blue Bridge Theatre Society does not believe in any form of prejudicial pricing.

He says the contract was cancelled because Higgins breached the deal by unveiling the pricing model without the society’s knowledge or consent.

‘Illegitimate pricing scheme’

In a news release, Roberts says the society regrets the effect the decision will have on the artists involved in making the film, but it can’t support what it considers irresponsible actions.

The society says it must distance itself from the “illegitimate pricing scheme” to preserve the faith of its audience members.

“Making this announcement without the knowledge or consent of (the society) has resulted in a storm of negative response aimed at Mr. Higgins and (the theatre society),” the release says.

Higgins, 27, admitted last week that he felt “silly” for using a false name to promote what he calls justice pricing, but said he was concerned about a backlash that could risk his safety.

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Screening scrapped for fibbing filmmaker behind ‘justice pricing’ scheme – British Columbia – CBC News.

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