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Seattle narrows congestion pricing options | K5 News

Officials within the City of Seattle say they are committed to racial and social justice as they study congestion pricing.

A 48-page summary report of the work done so far points out the average Seattle household spends 15 percent of its budget on transportation. However, that increases to as much as 30 percent for low-income households due to longer commute times and higher percentage of income spent on transportation costs.

One issue that is fairly widely known by now is the number of people being priced out of the city, who must then drive into the city to work. Additionally, the report points out, people with hourly jobs or more than one job are disproportionately impacted by traffic patterns. Work schedules and other job requirements may also mean people aren’t served by public transit.

The Seattle Department of Transportation was tasked with studying congestion pricing. It’s unclear exactly what it would look like in the city if it was implemented. Though when she first announced it, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said some form of congestion pricing could be in place by the end of her first term in 2021.

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Seattle narrows congestion pricing options | king5.com.

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