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A customer or client may sing praises for your product and his firm’s relationship with you. At the same time he may insist that you reduce the pricing of your product or services to maintain that relationship. Some sales teams spend time thinking about where to make cuts and how to reduce prices to satisfy the customer’s demand. The best course, however, would focus on how to maintain the relationship and at the same time not compromise pricing integrity. This may require some good old-fashioned research and analysis of the client’s needs and marketplace alternatives. If such research reveals that you are the right fit and best alternative for the client, then scripting may be a useful tool in protecting your pricing and renewing the client’s business.

The script is used to craft the message to the client on the benefits of the product or service you offer and why pricing should remain at its current levels or, perhaps even better, be increased. In some sense this requires ignoring the client’s statements about the need for price reduction – a negotiations approach in which you seek a result that the customer has suggested he will not accept. It can be unsettling for a salesperson or account executive to come back to a client with a proposal that ignores the client’s demand for a price reduction. The scripting process helps overcome such trepidations and builds a comfort level in the position to be expressed. The more confidently the seller states her side’s thoughts or position, the more likely it is that the buyer will recognize that getting a reduction is not achievable. The expression of the seller’s position should not be an “in your face” statement, but rather an attempt to help the client achieve his objectives without losing sight of the importance of the seller maintaining her pricing and margins.

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Selling While Holding to Your Price.

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