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Shipware announces robust, innovative pricing technology solution | FreightWaves

Shipware, leading parcel & LTL spend management solution providers, announced this week the launch of its proprietary machine-learning software, Krystal AI. Krystal AI will improve operations and optimize carrier pricing by equipping customers with unique insights and customized data points generated by a combination of the industry’s most robust database and over 200 combined years of insider carrier pricing knowledge.

Shipware’s proprietary technology audits weekly carrier invoices to recover refunds on all billing errors, ensuring proactive compliance of contract rates and terms, as well as on-time service performance. Shipware’s cloud-based reporting platform delivers powerful analytics for greater spend management visibility empowering clients to make intelligent cost-saving transportation decisions.

“Krystal AI is the tech born from the merging of our industry-leading carrier pricing knowledge with the results from thousands of successfully negotiated FedEx, UPS and LTL contracts for our customers,” said Trevor Outman, co-founder and president of Shipware.

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Shipware announces robust, innovative pricing technology solution — FreightWaves.