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Should minimum calorie pricing be considered? | The Student

Following the announcement on Wednesday 15 November that the UK Supreme Court is backing the plans for the Scottish government to introduce minimum unit pricing on alcohol, should similar measures be considered for calorie consumption?

The Scottish government had approved legislation five years ago to introduce a 50p-per-unit minimum on alcohol, but it had been held up by a legal challenge by the Scotch Whiskey Association, initially made to the Court of Session.However, with the court’s approval, the measures would see an introduction of minimum prices on a 750 mL of Vodka set at £13.13, an 11.5 per cent bottle of wine at £4.32, and a litre of five per cent cider at £2.50. Researchers at the University of Sheffield estimate this would reduce hospital admissions by 2000, and save 120 lives per year.

The measures have, however, garnered both support and criticism: on the one hand, the move is hoped to save lives; however, others argue that addicts will still find a way to consume alcohol, and less afluent alcoholics may turn to crime to do so. There is also an argument that the measures will penalise responsible drinkers unfairly, while doing nothing to deter those with more money in the bank.

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Should minimum calorie pricing be considered? | The Student.

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