Should You Put Pricing On Your Website | Freelance to Freedom

The debate rages on — to display your prices up-front or not, that is the question.

And it’s a question that plagues freelancers All. The. Time.

Like any good debate, there are strong arguments for and against. Me, I’ve always been firmly in the “for” camp. But nothing convinced me (and will convince you) as much as what I’m about to tell you.

First off, let’s clear the air: YES — you absolutely, positively, need to display your prices on your website, right up front.

Why pricing on your website works:

  • Avoid the cheapos right away who are contacting you just to get a low-ball quote (ew)
  • Don’t waste your time going through a proposal process with people who are just “window shopping” — you don’t want to be one of the many
  • Don’t turn away those who think that, “Discovery Call” is Latin for “Sales call where I try and sell you on my exorbitant prices” — i.e. they may think you’re wayyy outta their budget
  • People who love transparency and time-savings will love you forever (me)
  • You’ll actually get people who are in the range of what you want to be making, who will justify your quote based on their project
  • Your pricing will tell them about your value: so if you quote high and have the testimonials or portfolio pieces to back it up, they know they’ll be getting quality
  • They’ll appreciate you, in the long run, so much more

A word to the wise: if you’ve never given up-front pricing a try, think about this. How crazy would it be if you walked into a Levi’s store, tried to buy a product and you were told you have to schedule a “fitting appointment” where they ask you about your budget, measure you, custom quote you and then, in the end, it fit…but it didn’t make your butt look all nice?

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