‘Smart’ parking pain solution for Townsville | Geelong Advertiser

DYNAMIC parking pricing where the cost of a car space fluctuates according to demand could help ease Townsville’s parking woes, according to a national industry body.

Lorraine Duffy, chief executive of Parking Australia, said dynamic parking was a supply and demand model that meant when parking demand was high, so was the price. “Dynamic/demand-based parking uses periods of high and low demand to your advantage by adjusting pricing accordingly,” Ms Duffy said.

“Think of it a bit like ride hailing apps such as UBER; they calculate how many app users in a given vicinity are seeking rides, while taking into account real-time traffic conditions, setting the price based on what the consumer is willing to pay.

“The objective for parking is to ensure Townsville retains its vibrancy across all periods, whether it’s during work hours, weekends and evenings and that drivers aren’t circling the streets, getting frustrated.”

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‘Smart’ parking pain solution for Townsville | Geelong Advertiser.