So How Did the Pricing Test Work Out? | Ozar

I’m not sure yet how much of the split is due to lower pricing – maybe people are buying the $39 plan because they see it as more affordable. It’s priced that way because there are less training videos for that plan, but the plan’s popularity hints that maybe I should get my butt in gear and record more training videos to justify pushing it to a $49/mo price tag along with perf.

How did buyers pay, card or Paypal?

We’ve always offered both, but previously (when 80%+ of our sales were the Everything Bundle), Paypal sales represented a very small percentage of our sales, and it was almost exclusively the $29 videos. Now that we offer monthly subscriptions, did that change?

  • Paypal – 18% of payments
  • Credit cards via Stripe – 82%

The majority of the Paypal checkouts were for monthly subscription plans – so yes, it would seem that we’re opening up to a new market of folks who not only prefer subscriptions, but also prefer paying with Paypal.

I’m not too surprised by that because the goal of the subscriptions was to enable people to get in at a lower transaction price if they were paying for the subscriptions themselves.

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So How Did the Pricing Test Work Out?.