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Sometimes quitters get the best deals | Boulder Daily Camera

It would be easier if the companies that have been in our lives for decades returned our loyalty by treating us better than a brand new customer. More and more we see the opposite. Companies compile data on us from internal and external resources to determine how price sensitive we are, and use that information to differentiate between the loyal customer willing to pay more and the shopper willing to walk to get a better deal. Here are the areas I’ve found where shopping can pay the most.

In your negotiations with your current provider, just make sure you don’t commit to a longer term contract than they will guarantee a fixed price for you. For example, DirectTV has offers that tie you down for 2 years, but only gives you the good pricing for twelve months. Never limit your ability to vote with your feet in the future!

Mobile phone service. If you have been on the same plan for much more than a year, it’s likely you’re paying too much. Over the last few years we’ve seen a virtual end to the idea that you sign a long-term expensive contract with a mobile phone provider, and in return receive a subsidized or free phone. It’s a simpler game now. You pay close to full price for the phone, yet now qualify for much lower monthly bills.

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