Spanish hegemony in organic greenhouse vegetables | Fresh Plaza

“Price-wise, growing is much more efficient in Spain,” Job mentions. “When push comes to shove, price is of overriding importance more often than the country of origin for large retailers, except for local organic shops.” Job emphasises that, as long as the quality of the Spanish product isn’t inferior to the Dutch, Spain will quickly become the preferred supplier in current circumstances, because the Iberian Peninsula can grow a multitude of products year-round.

Because of these developments, there’s a certain overlap with the Dutch product within the greenhouse vegetable segment. The volumes of Spanish cucumbers arrived in large numbers at the start of the season. That also had its effect on pricing. “In recent weeks, prices for courgettes and cucumbers were under a lot of pressure. When prices are that low, growers stop showing up as a matter of course, and a natural balance returns,” Job explains. For outdoor vegetables there’s not much overlap. Sales of these are fairly synchronised.

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Spanish hegemony in organic greenhouse vegetables.