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Spark’s mobile price cut has a catch | Stuff.co.nz

ph.logo.sublogos.news.white-ARTICLESpark has turned the screws in the mobile prepay calling market, halving the cost of calls to 20 cents a minute.

The price cut, from 43c a minute, comes on the heels of a warning from 2degrees’ estranged co-founder, Tex Edwards, that the mobile market might be in danger of slipping back into a “duopoly”.

However, there are catches to Spark’s price cut.

It only applies to customers of its Skinny sub-brand, which is at the same time hiking the cost of text messages from 8c to 20c. Existing Skinny customers need to “opt in” to the new pricing.

2degrees standard pricing is 44c a minute for calls and 9c for texts.

Vodafone’s standard pricing, buried in “small print” on its website, is 49c for calls and 20c for texts.

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Spark’s mobile price cut has a catch.

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