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Speaker Pelosi, seize the moment to make history on drug pricing | TheHill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spent her entire life immersed in the Democratic Party, so she knows well the history of its leaders’ most momentous legislative accomplishments. Minor tweaks to a broken status quo are not on that list.

President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal is on the list. So is the Medicare program secured by President Lyndon Johnson. Those landmark achievements carry with them a lesson for the Speaker and her congressional colleagues as they consider how to respond to the American public’s deep frustration with prescription drug prices.

It is hard to overstate the depth of that frustration. Unchecked pharmaceutical corporations are running wild, pricing medicines as high as $2.1 million. The average price of new cancer medicines is $149,000. These skyrocketing costs force nearly one-third of Americans to skip doses or fail to fill prescriptions each year. Some of those skipping doses are senior citizens enrolled in Medicare, unable to meet co-pays, deductibles or premiums required in the Part D prescription drug program.

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Speaker Pelosi, seize the moment to make history on drug pricing | TheHill.

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