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Sprint cuts $10 from 12 GB and 16 GB shared data plans | FierceWireless

And Sprint said that its new pricing offerings are starting to make a difference. As a result of the new plans, Sprint said its postpaid phone gross additions grew 37 percent month-over-month in September, and its postpaid phone net losses slowed by nearly 60 percent in September. Sprint also said its postpaid upgrade rate was 8 percent in the third quarter, and that figure will grow to as much as 12 percent in the fourth quarter.

Nonetheless, the new plans couldn’t reverse Sprint’s overall declines during the third quarter. The carrier said it lost 336,000 total retail postpaid subscribers during the period, the company’s 11th straight quarter of postpaid subscriber declines.

Although Sprint continues to reduce its service prices, some carriers have vowed not to get caught in a race to the bottom. For example, Verizon executives have said the carrier is going to continue to play a conservative game in terms of its pricing strategy and will not overreact to price cuts by rivals, according to a report from financial analysts who met with the carrier’s top executives.

Similarly, at an investor conference Wednesday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said he thinks pricing changes will continue to occur and that if AT&T thinks it needs to respond it will do so. Yet he also signaled AT&T would not get drawn into a larger price war. “We don’t think we need to be a pricing leader” given the company’s “premier” smartphone customer base, he said.

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Sprint cuts $10 from 12 GB and 16 GB shared data plans.

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