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Startup lets you rent out your own car by the hour | NZ Herald

The idea behind YourDrive is that you can rent out your car during downtime – be it while you’re at work or away for a few days.

The startup has software that will suggest hourly and daily pricing based on make and model, but an owner can override it if they choose.

Ellison says allowing for GST, his company takes a 31 per cent clip of the ticket on each rental, with insurance included in its commission. The renter has to return the car in the same condition they picked it up – which means they cover their own fuel costs, and cleaning.

When new customers first sign up, they have to provide driver’s licence details, which are cross-checked with an NZTA database, and sometimes with credit and police background checks – so Ellison says there can be a slight delay for approval.

YourDrive promotes a case study of a vehicle owner who earns around $2000 a year renting out his car. Ellison says the highest earning user of his service took in $11,000.

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Startup lets you rent out your own car by the hour – NZ Herald.

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