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Strategies for Navigating a Cluttered App Marketplace | TG Daily

With a combined 4.2 million apps to choose from between the Apple and Android app stores, the marketplace for mobile applications has exponentially become more and more cluttered with competition. According to a study by Statista, mobile app revenues reached $41.1 billion worldwide in 2015 and profits are projected to exceed $101.1 billion by 2020.

The app marketplace clearly has the potential for large profits. However, with millions of apps competing for the same spotlight, there is very little room for apps to gain visibility in the app store. Despite this hostile environment, there are a few key techniques that app developers can strategically employ to navigate the app store clutter in order to boost visibility and potentially increase downloads.


The average price for an app continues to decline each year. This is mostly due to alternative methods of creating revenue such as in-app advertising. Data from Distimo suggests that apps debuting at one price and then discounted to a lower price show huge spikes in downloads. Freemium is also a popular option, in which developers offer a simplistic version of the app for free while also offering a more advanced paid version with better graphics and functionality. The concept is meant to encourage interest and downloads with the free version in which users will enjoy the app so much that they will eventually decide to purchase the premium version.

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Strategies for Navigating a Cluttered App Marketplace.

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