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Study Shows Customer Preference for Direct Delivery from Restaurants | Food On Demand

Customers report they would order from their favorite restaurants one extra time per month if delivery was offered, and more than 70 percent of QSR and fast-casual customers said they would choose a restaurant more often if delivery were offered.

The importance of delivery doesn’t apply only to millennials. Of customers 35-44, around 78 percent said they’d increase their number of orders if a restaurant offered delivery, while more than 50 percent of customers 55-64 would order more often from a restaurant with delivery services.

When it comes to delivery fees, customers want to know what they’re paying for, with a whopping 83 percent preferring a designated delivery fee instead of higher delivery menu prices.

“Consumers are smart, they know delivery isn’t free,” notes Neiman. “They realize they’re going to be paying someone along the line and they want transparency.”

The $5 fee mark emerged as a clear threshold for setting prices, with 80 percent of customers saying they’d pay up to that amount in delivery fees. However, points out Neiman, 45 percent said they’d pay more for their orders to arrive faster.

“I think we were surprised by how strongly people felt about the delivery fee—that was a clear signal to us,” she says of that 45 percent finding. “We think that’s only scratching the surface. I’m not expecting to see surge pricing all the time, but there may be some options for restaurants to offer delivery windows and maybe charge a little more.”

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Study Shows Customer Preference for Direct Delivery from Restaurants | Food On Demand.

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