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Super Bowl fans can expect high prices for trip to Minneapolis | Curbed


Crazy Airbnb prices have been getting a good laugh in the media leading up to the Super Bowl for a few years now, but even funnier, those opportunistic listings almost always go unbooked.

Beyond Pricing, a tech company that uses data to help Airbnb hosts price their listings, says it usually sees a surge of listings and prices in the Super Bowl host city leading up to the big game. In December, their data show a daily occupancy rate between 63 and 83 percent on any given day. Around the Super Bowl, that range is 34 to 51 percent because of a supply surge of around 1,000 listings.

“In short, locals try to arbitrage the event causing a massive oversupply for the event and almost all of them go completely unbooked,” said Kameron Bain of Beyond Pricing.

A similar dynamic is playing out with flights to Minneapolis before the Super Bowl. Hopper is an app that collects the search results from travel sites like Expedia to help its users find the cheapest flights. Its data shows a substantial premium in flight prices to the Super Bowl host city for the dates around the big game.

Flights to Minneapolis during the Super Bowl are currently going for somewhere between $300 and $350 on a weighted average across all originations, which is about a $100 more than the same time last year. Flight prices always spike just before the departure date. Last year over the same time period, flights reached an average of about $350 a few days before the departure data. Hopper expects that number to be as high as $600 this year.

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Super Bowl fans can expect high prices for trip to Minneapolis – Curbed.