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Super Bowl Menu Prices Offer Glimpse Of Sports Concession Future | Forbes

Ever since Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened in Atlanta in 2017, the fan-first concession pricing has turned heads. That pricing doesn’t change, whether a Falcons game, a concert or even a Super Bowl. Hot dogs are $2. Refillable sodas: $2. But what we will see for the first time at a Super Bowl on Feb. 3 hasn’t quite caught on everywhere else. But it doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.

“Mercedes-Benz Stadium doesn’t dynamically price food and beverage based on events,” says Greg Beadles, executive vice president and chief operating officer for stadium owner AMB Sports + Entertainment. “All pricing remains the same for any event in the stadium. So, the $2 hot dog will cost the same whether an Atlanta Falcons game, Atlanta United match, concert, college football game, NCAA Final Four or the Super Bowl.”

Since opening the doors to MB Stadium, AMB constructed a new-in-class business agreement with concessionaire Levy. Instead of the traditional model that allowed a concessionaire into a revenue-sharing deal with the team — which often drives up prices — a fixed-price contract gave control to the team.

So, even with a nearly 50 percent drop in food prices compared to the Georgia Dome set-up, fan spending increased 16 percent since the launch with a 53 percent increase in the volume of sales.

“This shows us that fans appreciate the value proposition and quality being offered with our new food and beverage program,” Beadles says.

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Super Bowl Menu Prices Offer Glimpse Of Sports Concession Future.

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