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‘Surge pricing’ mooted for car parks in Adelaide’s CBD | INDaily

The council plans to replace the majority of the city’s 2800 ticketed on-street car parks with “smart-parking” technology by the middle of the year – and eventually, all of them.

The smart parking program will see thousands of in-ground sensors installed in city car parks, and a new mobile application launched, to allow motorists to easily locate and pay for available parks.

A council staff report to be debated at tomorrow evening’s meeting says the technology could also be used to set prices for on-street parking in real time and change the price in response to demand.

The concept is somewhat like rideshare app Uber’s practise of “surge pricing”, where trips cost more during times of high demand, except that the change in cost would be only “slight”.

An info-graphic in the council report shows the demand-responsive pricing model: higher occupancy, higher price.

Increasing the price of a group of parking spots when few spaces are available – but lowering the price when many parks are available – would ensure that there are “always spaces available for those who need them” in key locations across the city, according to the report.

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‘Surge pricing’ mooted for car parks in Adelaide’s CBD.

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