T-Pro demystifies promotional sales data with predictive analytics | Dairy Reporter

Tapping into consumer behavior
Consumers are basing their purchase decisions less on brand preference and more on other factors, according to Ziegler.

“When you go into a grocery store or a CVS or Walmart, you buy things for a reason and some of those reasons are driven by price and the reduction of price,” Ziegler said.

This decrease in brand loyalty creates an opportunity for T-Pro to look at other factors that may be driving customers to purchase a specific product such as price,promotional tactics, promotional plans, and display execution.

“You’re not married to a specific brand anymore; you’re in the store to buy cheese,” he said.

“The consumer will buy when it’s a certain price gap to private label or a certain gap to the market leader.”

T-Pro has seen a quantifiable impact in the industry by providing harmonized promotional sales data and in one instance has seen a $500,000 improvement for one of its customers by shifting the product price point and positioning at retail.

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T-Pro demystifies promotional sales data with predictive analytics.