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Tackling unfair trading practices in the food supply chain | European Commission

Will the price of food products increase for consumers?

No. There is no reason why this EU legislation should lead to price increases for consumers: in the public con­sultation carried out by the Commission, there was no evidence presented to suggest that the unfair trading practices targeted lead to lower consumer prices or that prohibiting them would lead to higher prices. Consumer organisations in fact tend to encourage the regulation of these practices because they have a negative effect on consumers in the longer term.

The legislation also allows for a report by the Commission on the application of the rules after three years, including on any impact on prices.

Why is the Commission not taking action on price transparency?

The next step is indeed to turn to the issue of market transparency. The Commission will continue to work on this topic and we can expect to see the first results of this work in the second half of 2018. In parallel, the High Level Forum on the Better Functioning of the Food Supply Chain has a work strand dealing with this.

This work has to be seen as being undertaken on top of the transparency measures the Commission has already enacted such as the launch and working of the market observatories managed by DG AGRI.

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