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Taking Money out of the Solution | The Sales Blog

The money that your prospective client takes out of your pricing is money they are taking out of the outcomes and results they are trying to produce.

Your prospective client doesn’t realize this is what they are doing. They don’t understand that without allowing you to invest that money on their behalf through your solution, that money is not being spent in at all. They don’t recognize that while they may still have the cash, that cash would be put to better use generating the outcomes they need, and resolving the challenges that have caused them to consider changing in the first place.

They believe, and they may not be wrong here, that you have padded your price, expecting to be asked for a discount. They believe, and they’re not wrong here either, that it is their responsibility to obtain the best deal they can for their company. So, they have to ask you for the discount.

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Taking Money out of the Solution · The Sales Blog.

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