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Tariffs: Fighter Pilot Strategies Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore | Pricing Matters

Modern pricing software easily simulates the margin or revenue impact of any potential price changes so that pricing managers and leadership can decide based on expected impact as opposed to hoping for the results. Manipulating multiple spreadsheets to calculate potential price impact outcomes is not only frustrating but increases the risk of inaccuracy for every step.

There can be a great deal of work behind the implementation of price changes. Modern pricing software automates the act of updating price lists and agreements and publishing to ERP systems to enable companies to move quickly. So, when the time comes, changes can be made immediately and accurately.

The quickness and accuracy of pricing software enable pricing teams to easily consider competitive pricing strategy responses in times of looming tariffs. Now, pricing teams can plan alongside the government as they consider tariffs and prepare multiple attack plans before it could become policy.

So, don’t let your pricing strategy become a causality due to potential market bending changes. The difference between success and failure lies in the access to the right technology combined with a proven methodology. Pricing technology, much like the OODA loop model, allows pricing and leadership to be nimble, assess the ever-changing pricing landscape, and adapt quickly so that they will get through this potential pricing challenge and be prepared for the next.

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