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Tax reform reaction: AT&T is giving bonuses to 200,000 employees | CNBC

AT&T told CNBC the bonuses announced on Wednesday are above and beyond any existing agreements, which means some workers would get two $1,000 allocations: One with a new contract, and one when the tax reform bill is signed.

AT&T’s tax reform announcement comes a month after the Justice Department challenged AT&T’s pending merger with Time Warner. Trump has said the deal is “not good for the country” because it might make prices increase.

On the other hand, AT&T stands to be a potential beneficiary of another recent move by the Trump administration: the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality regulation. The new regulatory landscape will afford AT&T more flexibility to control the pricing and speed of content for its internet customers, although AT&T has said it will not make big changes to the way internet services are delivered.

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Tax reform reaction: AT&T is giving bonuses to 200,000 employees.

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