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Taxi concerns persist amid record year for tourism | Cayman Compass

Tourism businesses remain concerned about inconsistent pricing and lack of a reliable nighttime service from taxis.

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association is also asking government to “revisit” the policy of allowing drivers to charge an additional 20 percent per passenger when there are more than three people in the cab.

Concerns over pricing were raised in 2016, when several restaurant owners complained that customers were being charged wildly different fares for the same routes.

The unit has published fare tables to and from some major destinations and set up a hotline for complaints in an effort to alleviate concerns from businesses.

Deloitte was commissioned early last year to review the pricing structure in the industry and that process is still ongoing, according to Mr. Banks. Restaurant owner Markus Mueri said he believed the level of taxi service and the quality of the fleet were among the best in the Caribbean. But he said a few rogue drivers gave the rest a bad name.

He is hopeful that new technology – potentially a smartphone app – will soon be introduced to help improve transparency and end disputes over pricing.

“The million-dollar question is how do we charge for a route? Yes, we are late to the game, but meters, they are the past; new technology with smartphones and apps is the future,” he said.

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Taxi concerns persist amid record year for tourism | Cayman Compass.