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Taxis jam Brussels in protest over possible Uber arrival | Reuters


Drivers signed up to Uber would have to be at least 21 and could only do the activity as a side job, with regular taxi drivers also able to sign up. Vehicles would have to be no older than seven years and subject to an annual check-up.

“I am paying taxes, I am paying my dues, I pay double insurance for my cab. Is Uber paying all that?” asked taxi driver Haydar Dogan.

Sandra Langenus, regional secretary of transport union FGTB-UBT, also condemned any move to let in Uber. “It’s simply about undercutting the price. We would just be entering a downward spiral in terms of pay and conditions,” she said.

The taxi plan, which would be subject to a vote in the regional parliament, envisages new fixed fares for short journeys or those to the airport and a smartphone application that would allow consumers to hail a taxi online.

Taxi drivers who have worked for three years without complaints would earn certificates of excellence and a regional annual tax of 575 euros ($642) would be scrapped.

Brussels, a city of about 1 million people, has 1,300 licensed taxis and some 3,000 drivers.

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Taxis jam Brussels in protest over possible Uber arrival.

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