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Taxis, Uber face new regulations in Everett | HeraldNet.com


“We’ve had exceptions built into regulations that allow for these servicemen and servicewomen to provide with their families,” Matthews told the council.

The city also would no longer regulate taxi meter rates. Uber and other companies have used what’s known alternatively as surge pricing or dynamic pricing, in which rates typically rise as demand for rides increases. Taxi companies would now be free to take up the practice if they wanted to.

“Either model would be able to implement dynamic pricing pursuant to the wording of the ordinance,” Rathbun said.

Dynamic pricing, or surge pricing, has been a bone of contention among riders and taxi drivers in many cities where Uber has opened up shop. In the past, the company has been accused of exploiting emergencies, such as a fire that shut down Boston’s subway system in November, to jack up prices several hundred percent.

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Taxis, Uber face new regulations in Everett | HeraldNet.com.

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