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SPOSEA B.V.’s main goal is to simplify SAP Price Optimization, Management and Execution. We provide the SAP ecosystem with enterprise-wide Price Management that increases margins through optimized prices.

We provide out of the box solutions for effectively managing Pricing in SAP. SPOSEA is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and has offices in San Francisco, California and Walldorf, Germany.

The SPOSEA suite of products gives business true enterprise wide control of their pricing process and includes BrightPrice Optimizer, BrightPrice Manager and BrightPrice DealManager.

The science, algorithms, and best practices combined in powerful solutions allows for driving pricing improvements in every stage of the pricing cycle.

Our world class pricing optimization engine allows customers to optimize their pricing models with competitive license fees, with full transparency and governance and unlocking all pricing relevant data from any data source.

SPOSEA price management and optimization solutions are deployed at some of the worlds biggest companies because of their comprehensive out of the box propositions, vision, deep integration with SAP, competitive license fees and drive to change the P-O-M market.


SPOSEA was founded with the goal of providing SAP ERP customers a best of breed experience for simplifying Price Optimization & Management, without the hassle of endless implementation projects, and without feeling bank robbed. Our mission is building solutions which benefits you as a customer, in other words, the freedom to use a out of the box price management & optimization solution for B2B companies globally.

Unlike other vendors who claim to be superior, we want YOU to be superior in your day to day management of pricing. Also we do not pride ourselves only serving the largest corporations out there, as in layman terms this means their solution is overpriced and not affordable for the majority of great companies out there. We are proud to offer a solution to any size company which is in need for a productive Price Management solution.

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