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Technology today, what’s the best pricing strategy | Examiner.com

Samsung and BMW tag-team to bring us technology even James Bond would be impressed by! Although still in prototype development, the ability to control your car from your phone or watch is just around the corner. Join GetConnected’s Andy Baryer at CES…

We often hear, see, or experience the wow of much the innovation taking place. And the hits keep coming. But, for a moment, beyond the actual product, a lot of us, as consumers, may still be price sensitive. For in a world of buyers and sellers, hagglers vs. negotiators, etc., we are all motivated by maximizing income and minimizing costs. So enter the activity of transactions and thus the lifeblood of economic engines, across all continents. This generalized analysis is not to be dismissive to natural and synergized interactions, between people, most important to society, as a whole.

Accordingly, how does one price new innovative products? After all, a number of them can be unproven, revolutionary, questionable in staying power; yet, without a doubt, they offer, potentially, great strides, benefitting us personally and professionally. Clearly, I suppose, one might look at the most similar items, currently for sale. Another idea, charge what the market will bare, focusing on high end purchasers, where cost to them is not a factor.

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Technology today, what’s the best pricing strategy.

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