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Tesla Is Boosting Margins by Cutting Prices | TheStreet

Less is more. That’s the strategy that Tesla Inc. (TSLA – Get Report) is taking with the Model 3’s pricing following a surprise price cut to some trim levels this week.

Electrek reports that Tesla changed up its Model 3 options and pricing Tuesday, among other things cutting the base cost of a Performance model from $84,800 to $64,000. Previously, Tesla caused a big brouhaha when CEO Elon Musk revealed ballpark pricing for the Performance Model 3 on Twitter.

Even at a price tag of more than twice the Model 3’s base, the big-dollar Model 3 is actually a pretty attractive deal compared against similar offerings from BMW, for instance. And the new price drop makes it even more appealing.

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Tesla Is Boosting Margins by Cutting Prices – TheStreet.