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Making it simpler for the customer
There’s another aspect to consider. Tesla has received criticism over the true kWh capacity and usable portion of its battery packs, especially when it comes to the controversial pricing strategy associated with software-limited packs.

By obfuscating the true capacity of Model 3 battery packs (though Tesla tinkerers like Jason Hughes will still dig in), Tesla can potentially avoid some of the controversy.

It’s also possible that Tesla is including a sufficient buffer in the usable capacity in order to minimize cell degradation over time. I once asked Musk if there were any other technical benefits to software-limited battery packs. “They will basically never degrade,” he responded. It’s probably not a coincidence that Tesla has recently and quietly started shipping 85 kWh packs that are software-limited to 75 kWh, according to Electrek.

Not only delivering the advertised range, but also preserving it over time through minimized degradation simplifies the experience for the customer, and that’s a good thing.

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