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Tesla: Model X for Around $75,000 Next Year | The Motley Fool

Based on a handful of comments from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Model X should have a starting price around $88,000. The main savings when purchasing a 90D compared to the fully loaded P90D Signature model will come from not choosing to upgrade to the performance motor configuration (hence the P in P90D).

Tesla’s public relations representative Alexis Georgeson confirmed with The Motley Fool that any references to $132,000 as the base price for Model X are off considerably.

“Signature Model X, the first 1,000 vehicles produced which are fully loaded and already sold out are $132,000,” she explained. “This is not the base price for Model X … and our Model X 90D will only cost slightly more than the Model S 90D.”

Tesla’s Model X pricing plan
While an estimated price tag of $88,000 for the 90D is still a very high price tag compared to most cars, it’s not bad for the world’s first high-end, fully electric SUV. Tesla’s Model S, which is outselling every other luxury sedan (gas, hybrid, or electric) in North America, is priced from $70,000 to $145,000, depending on battery and motor configurations and other upgrades.

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Tesla: Model X for Around $75,000 Next Year — The Motley Fool.

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